It certainly has been a great run. For 31 years Cactus Bar & Grill has been an institution, but now it's time to say goodbye. 


It is difficult to sustain a business built on bringing people together when it is not safe to be in large groups.  With few offices in the Loop occupied, and a challenging situation with our landlord, the crisis's financial devastation became insurmountable. It became clear in mid-August that Cactus would not reopen.


We want to thank the hundreds of people that worked at Cactus.  Everyone had a role in making and sustaining our crazy fun atmosphere.  If you only worked for a few hours or way too many years, Cactus couldn't have been who we were without you.


And to our customers, you have been some of the best people in the world. To all who loved us for the past 31 years, thank you. We loved having you (well, most of you) as our guests.  If we could, we would have you back for one more on the house.